Who Needs a Will?

Do you have dependent children?

Wills help protect dependent children by appointing someone to care for your underage children if you die. That is particularly important for single parents or blended families where the law may not align with your wishes. If you don’t designate custody, that decision may be made by a stranger through the Court system.

Are you a homeowner?

If you share ownership of a property or a home, it is important to review the structure of that agreement because it can impact what happens to that ownership if you die. Your BC Notary can do a title search and discuss the options available to ensure your wishes are legally possible and your Will is clear.

Are you separated, divorced, or living in a common law relationship?

Changes in your living arrangements or marital status can call for changes to your Will. Creating or updating a Will is very important for people whose relationship status has changed, for example, due to marriage, separation, divorce, or when there has been a birth or death in the family. Your Will indicates the way you want your assets to be divided or assigned.

Do you want to reduce conflict within the family?

Creating a Will and ensuring it is up-to-date is very important to show exactly how you want your assets divided. The kindest thing you can do for your loved ones is to have a Will . . . and make sure it is up to date to dispel doubt, anxiety, hurt feelings, and delays.

Do you have pets?

For many British Columbians, pets are family. People want to ensure their pets will continue to be cared for, if something were to happen to their human mom or dad. A Will designates those provisions.

Do you want peace of mind?

A BC Notary can eliminate or at least reduce stress, taxes, and conflict among loved ones when a family member dies. Having a Will gives you and your family peace of mind that your assets will go to those you love and your wishes will be followed. Most people find the process leads to important discussions and decisions and brings families closer. It also provides you with assurances that your assets will be distributed to family, friends, and charitable organizations according to your current wishes.

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