Is Association membership voluntary? 

The BC Notaries Association is a society incorporated under the Societies Act, and under the Act, membership must be voluntary. Aside from the legal reason, an association is by definition a group of people having a common purpose and interest. Any association sustains itself only through the support of members who join together voluntarily to develop their profession for their collective benefit. The BC Notaries Association is member-focused and member-driven through its elected board of directors and association committees, and will solicit feedback from the membership. 

Who can become a member of the Association? 

Any notary practicing in BC who is in good standing with the Society of Notaries Public of BC can join the Association. Current notary students and retired Society members can also join. 

Can all classes of members vote at Association meetings? 

Only Practicing Members can vote. 

What is the Association membership year? 

The membership year is July to June annually (same as the Association fiscal year). 

Are there membership fees? 

Yes. For the 2020-2021 membership year, the Society has reduced its fees in order to enable the Association to begin charging for membership. The Association Board of Directors sets fees annually: 

  • Practicing Member $400 ($500 if paid in instalments by cheque).
  • Students - no charge.
  • Retired Notaries - no charge.

What does the Association do? 

The Association has taken on the work of promoting and growing notary business, in consultation with its notary members, including:

  • Organizing Continuing Education sessions to deliver education credits
  • Organizing and hosting the annual conference
  • Marketing and promotion of notary services to the general public, realtors, brokers and other industry partners through direct advertising, social media and public relations
  • Advocacy to government on matters critical to notary practice
  • Maintaining good relationships with individuals and organizations that are important to notaries

If I’m not an Association member, how will it impact me? 

The Association has taken over some of the work that the Society has always done to support and assist notaries, including continuing education, the annual conference, marketing and promotion of notary services, media and public relations and advocacy to government and stakeholders. The impact of not being a member would be not to have a voice or influence how these activities are conducted, not having the option of participating in the committees, not being able to stand for election to the board, or vote for Association directors. There will be other areas of difference such as pricing for education sessions, conferences and notary merchandise. 

How is the Association board elected? 

The Association board is elected by the Association membership at annual general meetings. Association Practicing members in good standing with the Association and the SNPBC and who have practiced for a minimum of 5 years can stand for election.